Reliable employer
Secure jobs offer good prospects in the region. Plan your professional future with us.

The best of milk
We produce butter and cheese for retail, the bakery trade and the food industry.

Production site for butter and cheese

Within the Uelzena Group, we are the central production site for butter and cheese.

Specialist for milk processing in Bismark -
sustainable production with raw materials from the region

We know how to turn milk into delicious products. We produce German Premium Butter and baker’s butter as well as Gouda and Edam cheeses for the Uelzena Group's business units, Ingredients and Dairy Products - with the use of modern technologies and our employees' special expertise.

We are committed to the region.

Our major certifications:
Download: ISO 50001:2018
ISO 50001:2018
Download: ISO 9001:2015
ISO 9001:2015
Download: IFS (Higher Level)
IFS (Higher Level)
Download: Kosher
Download: Halal Butter and cheese
Halal Butter and cheese