German Premium Butter for retail and the food industry

Our butter making facility, with an annual capacity of approximately 26,000 tons predominantly produces German Premium Butter in two varieties namely mildly acidified butter and sweet cream butter for Uelzena eG and Hoche Butter GmbH.

The product range is supplemented by so-called baker’s butter with added carotene; this specialty product for the bakery trade gives baked goods a really nice color. Our products are halal and kosher certified.

For export, we also produce butter to which we add small amounts of vegetable fats.

One of our strengths is the large variety of different packaging options. These range from wrapped 10 g serving sizes to 250 g packs and 2.5 kg sticks to 10 and 25 kg blocks. In this way, we can always offer food retailers as well as large consumers and industrial processors the best packaging options for their requirements.

Hoche Butter – for bakeries and retail
We produce German Premium Butter and baker's butter for retail, specialized wholesale and bakery trade in Germany. Hoche Butter GmbH is responsible for sales.
Uelzena Ingredients – for the industry
The business unit Uelzena Ingredients of Uelzena eG is responsible for the marketing of butter and cheese to customers from the food industry.

Cheese all-around - we produce Edam and Gouda cheeses

We produce on a daily basis more than 5,000 foil-ripened Euroblocks weighing 15 kilograms each in the varieties of Gouda and Edam - this amounts to almost 90 tons per day. Most of the poduction is fully automated, from raw milk treatment to the packaging of the finished cheese. The characteristic taste of each variety develops over several weeks in the ripening cellar. The cheese is marketed via the Uelzena Ingredients business unit of Uelzena eG in Uelzen.

Our products are further processed in the food industry and will eventually be spotted as delicious ingredients on a pizza, in crisp cheese pastries or tasty ready-to-eat meals. The cheeses are also delivered to the so-called cutting plants where they are cut into slices, diced or grated before they are sold on. Our cheeses are also halal certified. The milk for our cheese comes directly from the region around our production site and is delivered fresh every day. 


Buttermilk and whey concentrate - valuable raw materials

Valuable by-products originate from the production of butter and cheese: We deliver a part of the fresh buttermilk that we produce every day in tank trucks to the food industry for further processing and for use as a basis in beverages or desserts. The remaining part is spray-dried at our Uelzen site; buttermilk powder is a universally applicable raw material for many different types of food. The sweet whey obtained from the cheese making process is sold in tank trucks to other processors: It is either in liquid form with a dry matter content of 29-32 percent or in crystallized form with a dry matter content of 60 percent.

Our major certifications:
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ISO 50001:2018
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ISO 9001:2015
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IFS (Higher Level)
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Halal Butter and cheese